Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my practice hire you?

Free Consultation

You are invited to call for a free initial consultations: 805-709-2174.


I work with clients during all stages of practice development and am available by the hour, project, monthly basis, and by commission.

Marketing Programs

There are a variety of options available to client who have long-term and ongoing marketing programs that need executing and controlling. These marketing programs are typically offered as a bundled set of services.

Request Information

Customer Service and Support

How can I get support for my services?

There are lots of different ways to get support, including call me at 805-709-2174. You can review my FAQs and visit my learning center.

You can also visit me when I am online. Look for the ONLINE ribbon on the Live Support button.

Do you have an online project manager site that you use?

Yes, I will establish an account for you at my client network. You can upload files, view the tasks, and check on your schedule.

I’ve forgotten my password, can you help?

If you have forgotten your password, please choose an option from the list below:

  • Client account:
    Go to my client network and on the bottom right you will see the link “Password Reset“. Follow the instructions to reset your password.
  • Webmail (email) account password:
    a) If your account in paid in full you can login to your cPanel to reset your password.
    b) For accounts that are financed by Laura Scroggins, please use the form below “Click to Request I Reset Your Password”.
  • cPanel account password
    Please call me at 805-709-2174.

Click to Request I Reset Your Password

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Training Services

How do I signup for training?

When you are ready for training, you can either call for instructions or you can place an order. If you place an order, we will contact you to set the date and time for training.

The number is 805-709-2174

What is involved?

Training is provided using a combination of technology. You can learn more by reading this post

Can we work on my site?

Yes, absolutely! We can work on your site or a sandbox site. It is your decision. If we work on your site, you will need to back up your files and database BEFORE our training session. If you don’t know how to make back-ups, that will be the first set of tasks that we will perform.

I am just a beginner, can you help me?

Perfect! You can have little or no knowledge of CMS applications before you start training. We can even help you make a choice based on your needs.

I am advanced, are you prepared to handle my questions?

We would need to discuss your particular needs before we scheduled training.

What are your training hours?

Training is by appointment only. Please contact the office to schedule your appointment during normal training hours.

10am – 2pm
10am – 2pm
10am – 2pm
10am – 2pm

How do I purchase a ticket for training?

When you are ready for virtual interactive private tutoring, just visit this page to make your purchase. Remember, you must prepay for training and payment must be received 72 hours in advance.

Purchase Training

Marketing Management

What can you tell me about the marketing mix?

Marketing managers are responsible for the management of the marketing mix, which is referred to as the four P’s.


I can help you define and expand your existing products and services. The focus of my marketing efforts will be on high profit products and services. In addition, I can create a relationship “map” between products so that cross-promoting services is easy and effective.

  • Product Information
    Products need to be defined and described in terms of the unique features included, branding and identity, and product differentiation.


Methods of Delivery/Distribution: Placement refers to the locations and methods of the delivery of your products and services. You may deliver your services exclusively in your office, in clinics on certain days, in hospitals, and online.

  • Placement Options
    The location of your office is one of the most important short-term and long-term factors that can influence your success. Promotion and pricing can help overcome inferior locations.


Medical practices need to define their pricing strategy based on their competitive position. Medical practices should either strive to provide differentiated products and services or discount products and services.

  • Differentiated Services
    Superior or specialized services that are targeted to more affluent consumers who are willing to pay more for better services.
  • Discount Services
    Medical practices that pursue a discount strategy should strive to keep prices lower than their competitors in order to obtain high turnover rates.


Promotion is the function of informing, persuading, and influencing the customer’s purchase decision. The promotional mix involves the blending of marketing elements to accomplish the goals and objectives of the marketing plan.

  • Promotional Mix
    The five elements of your promotional mix include advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing.
  • Promotional Focus
    One of the most effective elements is direct marketing which includes digital media that targets specific demographic and/or psychographic segments.

Do you have a list of marketing programs that you use?

Neighborhood Marketing

Promote with landing page such as that target some of your promotions efforts to specific neighborhood markets.

Interactive Marketing

Your digital media is fully integrated with social media including a blog, online forms, shopping carts and media channels.

Engaging Marketing Media

Affordable digital marketing services that motivate prospective patients to take action. The desired actions are to make an appointment and make purchases of retail products.

Online Marketing Plan

Start by creating a plan that directs your efforts to maximize your profit and to create sustainable growth through consistent marketing.

Niche Marketing

Clients and patients will drive greater distances for services that are provided for their specific need . The the goal is to identify and market to profitable and untapped markets.

Ongoing Marketing Support

I provide content, software, design, and ongoing marketing administration to keep your markets growing and profitable.

Training and Support

Your staff is guided by and involved in the administration and execution of your online marketing plan and ongoing marketing programs.

Free Mobile and Tablet Edition

Purchase now and get a Free mobile edition of your main website. Includes 8 pages of mobile content including content and forms.

What is your focus in marketing?

Sustainable Development Programs

I work with private practices to help plan and execute a unique and sustainable combination of marketing elements to achieve specific goals. Naturally the end goal is to satisfy the target market while achieving a healthy profit.

Web Development

Can you describe your web development process?

Site Planning

The process starts with a thorough assessment of your needs, time line, and budget. I then performs an analysis of the key words and phrases that your target market uses when performing an internet search. Next, the key words and phrases are used to build your navigation system and guide content development.

Site Design

After the site functionality has been assessed, we begin the discussion and development of the design. This includes layout, colors, branding, typography, logos, media, custom graphics, and all visual elements. Custom design may include slide shows, galleries, and other custom programming that is developed in this stage.

Site Deployment

When the decisions have been made regarding functionality and design, we bring together the function, design, and finally add your content. The completed Websites are launched and client are provided training, a detailed handbook of their deployment, and in some cases a training video.

Do you offer white label services?

My white label services are available to graphic designers, developers, printers, and other industry professionals. My team does the work, you get all the glory.

  • Per project or per hour
  • On-Demand Services
  • Wholesale Prices

Will you maintain my web development after it is published?

The software programs that power CMS websites need to be regularly updated in order to function properly. I am available to update your CMS software and apps.

  • Apply updates
  • Monitor site security
  • Monthly service fee

I offer maintenance and support packages to help you maintain your programs.

Are you still involved in creating elearning sites?

Yes, I can build a custom small learning community (SLC) for your practice, company, school, NGO, or municipality. SLCs benefit from an affordable custom Interactive learning environment that is designed based upon the results of a detailed needs assessment. Custom built by a professional university educator, these training centers come equipped with everything you need to provide meaningful online interactive training.

  • Interactive Learning Centers
  • Choose either Drupal® or Moodle CMS
  • Online classrooms, ebooks, lessons, online office hours, exams, and more

Do you provide content including copywriting and media production

Yes, and I will create copy that people actually read and make videos that users actually watch. My services includes copywriting, digital photography, and creating and distributing your video podcasts. The podcasts are specifically designed for delivery on multiple internet television networks including YouTube®,®, and iTunes®.?”

Social Media Maketing

What is included in your basic SEO package?

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Press Release Optimization
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Meta Tags Copywriting

Build Links

  • Online Publicity
  • Social Networking
  • Article Marketing
  • Local Search Profiles
  • Directory Submission
  • Blog Commenting
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing Services


  • Consulting and Training
  • Profile Development
  • Relevant Blog Research
  • Blog Commenting Campaigns
  • SMM Outreach Programs
  • Online Brand Management
  • Blogger Outreach Programs
  • Online Video Campaigns

Do you provide content including copywriting and media production?

Yes, and I will create copy that people actually read and make videos that users actually watch. My services includes copywriting, digital photography, and creating and distributing your video podcasts. The podcasts are specifically designed for delivery on multiple internet television networks including YouTube®,®, and iTunes®.?”